Genoa Golf Classic July 29th, 2022 Friday…


Genoa Golf Classic July 29th, 2022, Friday…

Hole Sponsorship

Hole Sponsorship for our annual Genoa Golf Classic is a must for any professional business within the greater Carson Valley area for Exposure…

Not just a great day of golf for your two foursomes (Up to 8 golfers), but you can setup a 10’x10′ canopy with a table(s) and chair(s) for your outreach team and/or volunteers to meet all of our participants (Goal 144 golfers from 18-hole sponsorships of professional businesses)

You will also receive two full pages in the local Carson Valley Insider magazine. One for a display ad and one for an informative overview of your good/service. For up to 12 months… four quarters based on when you register as a Hole Sponsor.

Visit for more information about one of our publications of the Hawkins for Nevada Foundation, Inc. media family… ($5000 value)

1st thing to do… is call/text 775.583.8176 to review our event and set up a time to meet at Genoa Lakes Golf Club to choose your hole. There are many things for us to do for you after you are one of only 18-hole sponsors. (We are ready for you)

The Genoa Lakes Golf Club – 1 Genoa Aspen Dr, Genoa, NV 89411 is one of the finest golf clubs you must find in Nevada. Enjoy nature’s breathtaking beauty and a round of golf in only Genoa, NV.

2nd thing to do… Do download a copy of our Genoa Golf Classic Agreement PDF.

Henderson Golf Classic

Hole Sponsorship Opportunities – Fee $2,500 receive the following of 2 foursomes… space to setup your canopy, table(s) and showcase your goods and/or services (Showcase Autos, RV’s & Boats etc. base on location) for each day.

Media – 2 full pages in the Henderson Insider Magazine for 1 year a total of 4 editions back to back each quart. ($5,000 value for your business or supporting business(es))

All golfers are entered into a drawing to win an opportunity to go for a $1 Million Dollar Hole-In-One Challenge on Friday February 25th, 2022. 

***Many other opportunities to win more great prizes…

Hole Sponsorship – Every hole sponsor comes with up to 8 golfers

Raising awareness for – HopeLink

Life below the poverty line is a ‘normal’ existence for many families and seniors where low incomes, unemployment and unexpected life crises have dragged them to the brink of hunger, tragedy and homelessness. Believing that this ‘normal’ need not be lasting nor permanent, HopeLink exists to ‘change the normal’ for thousands each year. It’s not just our motto but the very heart and purpose of our savvy, dedicated staff and volunteers who, from experience, know creative ways out to a better life and stable living, inevitably transforming their concept of what actually is ‘normal.’ Every person deserves a chance to move out of poverty into a life of self-sufficiency with dignity. HopeLink provides chances and opportunities through providing practical financial assistance, effective case management and imparting hope to the hopeless at crucial points of a life crisis.

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