Tri-County Fair and Stampede

The 101st Annual Rodeo on Saturday, September 3 promises a lot more than 8 seconds of excitement. This year, our Bulls and Broncs Rodeo will feature more money, more cowboys, and more action than one has a right to see! Also don’t miss the Great Basin Challenge where young Buckaroos compete for silver buckles at 6:30 pm. Come see why this is Nevada’s oldest continuous rodeo.

Fallon Cantaloupe Festival and County Fair

Where the gold began…

The famed Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe saw its start in the Swingle Bench area of Churchill County in 1911, with the careful experimentation of crossbreeding by a local man, O.J. Vannoy who had found the seeds that were originally developed in Benton Harbor, Michigan.


These luscious melons were grown here in abundance in the 1920’s and 1930’s as the demand for them in the Eastern U.S. grew; it has even been rumored that the Fallon Hearts of Gold were served in the White House! The hard rind made this variety ideal for cross country rail shipments, and the high price per crate made this a crop that’s price was worth the risk to the Fallon farmers.


Not all good things last however, as the market crashed in the late 1930’s and our festival’s namesake almost met its extinction. The once prosperous melon crop was replaced by the more stable production of alfalfa in the Lahontan Valley, and was only kept in production by a group of six Chinese immigrant families. (Thanks to them we can now enjoy our Cantaloupe a la Mode!)

The Hearts of Gold persisted and a few local families were able to revive the vine back to its former glory.

A festival emerges…

The 1980’s saw a resurgence in the local food movement and growth of farmers markets across the country.

In 1985, a group of locals saw the opportunity to bring back our beloved melon as well as to create a festival to fill the gap left by the absence of the Nevada State Fair and Country Fair. Que a “Golden Return” and the start to what has become one of Fallon’s great events to bring fun and excitement to the community every harvest season.

The tradition continues…

Today the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival & Country Fair holds the title as one of Nevada’s longest running agricultural festivals. The 2015 merge of the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival & Oasis Stampede & Country Fair has brought together a strong group of volunteers whose goal is to provide the best program of activities to Fallon each year, focusing on the educational and entertainment values of the festival. The Fallon Festival Association is in a great position to do just that and we are pleased to be able to bring these opportunities to Churchill County.

Elko County Fair

The Elko County Fair, in its 101st consecutive fair, has been mixing families and fun. With several different events and a variety of entertainment, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the fair. We have everything from crafts and critters, to live music and fair food, horse racing and the Stock Horse Show, and so much more! You won’t want to miss the funfest, so join us! Come finish out your summer with your friends and family at the Elko County Fair – Labor Day Weekend.

Nevada State Fair in Carson City

Nevada State Fair returns to Carson City, Nevada’s great capital. Four fun filled days of entertainment, carnival rides, culture, music and so much more. June 2-5th, the Nevada State Fair is proud to celebrate our great State of Nevada. The State of Nevada has sixteen counties and one municipality (Carson City).

This year, we’re proud to again feature our Indian Taco Stand and classic Funnel Cakes with choice of toppings. Friday June 2rd through Sunday June 5th.

Come on out and enjoy our beautiful June weather with a full day of activities at Mills Park.

Free to the public – no entry fees.

Sorry, no dogs allowed in the park other than service dogs.

Sorry, entering or leaving the venue with alcohol is not permitted.

Nevada State Fair is an outdoor event. Masks are not required.

The Nevada State Fair was originally founded in 1874 and had been Nevada’s longest running event. The Board of Directors for the Nevada State Fair met on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 and decided to close, ending a 136 year run (1874-2010). In August of 2013 a completely new Nevada state non-profit company was formed to continue the legacy. With collaborative efforts from both state and private sectors, the Nevada State Fair is welcomed back and is pleased to be held in Carson City.