Short Films

“Inside the Biggest Little Cattle Drive” 

A Non-MMF Production by Sunny Minedew (Forum Founding Member) Sunny Minedew takes an inside look at the many volunteers who make up the increasingly popular Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive.

SUNNY MINEDEW – Founding Member (Producer / Director / Cinematographer)

​Sunny began her interest in video and TV as a production volunteer for the local PBS station.  She then went on to direct numerous series for the local community access station, including We the People which aired  for over 10 years.  She has produced over 50 programs, including Nevada’s wild horses, ghost towns, endangered scenic places, sagebrush saloons, Burning Man, historic cattle and sheep ranch and numerous others.

She was on the crew of the KNPB PBS, Wild Nevada series during its first year on the air, and has won a number of awards for her productions.  Sunny continues her interest as a member of the City of Reno’s Senior Discovery TV group, and has a YouTube channel which features many of her productions.​​